Employability - Steps to Success

Why are we different from all the other employability courses out there?

Much as we want to empower people to get into the working environment, we do not want to set them up
to fail because we have not taken into account their emotional support requirements as well.
We recognise that it is extremely difficult to be able to walk into a college for further training or attend
interviews if you have no confidence, lack assertiveness, or have literacy issues - especially as 1 in 5
adults are unable to read or write - and in the target area we are aiming at these figures will be a lot higher.

We feel that by working with the emotional issues first, and building up their self esteem, it is a lot more
beneficial (encouraging them to take literacy / numeracy lessons if required). Following on from this further
progression can be planned. We are also aware that the benefit system may place some people in a position
where they are financially worse off for engaging in some types of paid employment. We do feel that they could
be encouraged to work as volunteers to give them the feeling of self worth and self respect. Helping out in their
local community would enable them to gain new skills, and demonstrate to younger generations that going out
to work is still worthwhile, paid or not.

It has recently been pointed out by people running employability courses throughout Britain that poor attendance
is on the increase. On average people are repeating the 10 week course at least 6 times, due to lack of
commitment, lack of motivation, and an inability to complete any work due to literacy or emotional needs
which are not being addressed.

A 10 week course held in a college environment can be seen as extremely intimidating, especially when the
minimum number of learners to run a course is 12, as this can be seen as a large group to some people. We
would want to work in small groups with no more than 8 candidates initially.

Certificates of attendance will be given after every workshop, enabling a portfolio to be created, recording
their achievements. This would start at stage 1, leading up to stage 3, incorporating 15 workshops in total
There will be an accumulation of 19 certificates giving the candidates something to be proud of. The
completed portfolio can be used to demonstrate their commitment in working towards employment,
volunteering or further education.

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Steps to Success

Stage 1 - Living for life

Consists of 5 workshops

This focuses on building up the self esteem. Finding out what their strengths are, etc

Module 1: Finding the Real "Me"

Module 2: Exploring My Options

Module 3: Developing My Strengths

Module 4: Changing My Outlook

Module 5: Moving Forward

Stage 2: Reaching your Goals

Consists of 5 workshops

How this can be done. It is hoped that immediately following this, they would be applying for jobs,
attending job interviews, or be looking for work in a voluntary capacity.

Module 1: Dreams and Aspirations

Module 2: Taking Charge

Module 3: Best Foot Forward

Module 4: Making the Move

Module 5: Self Support / Making it Work

Stage 3:The sky's the limit

Consists of 5 workshops

This is when they would be supported whilst they were doing the above, barriers may come up,
and it focuses on how to break down the barriers, and get then refocused.

Module 1: Celebrating Achievements

Module 2: Re-Evaluation

Module 3: Planning for Development

Module 4: Self Belief

Module 5: Taking Off