Information on Training Services

Training is available to delivered 'in house' for any organisation. However, training can also be delivered if a minimum of 8 individual candidates sign up for a workshop, in a venue in the local area.

Local, high quality, low cost training, suitable for all abilities.

Workshops are usually delivered between the hours of 10am to 4pm, however, these timings are flexible and can be changed to suit your requirements.

The training workshops are aimed at enhancing both your personal and professional skills.

All the courses delivered are aimed at counsellors, health professionals, youth workers, care workers, teachers, line managers etc. However, any one who is interested on any of the topics delivered is welcome.

All training hours will count towards your continuous professional development (CPD), and certificates of attendance will be given at the end of each workshop.

All learners are entitled to:

* A choice of learning opportunities at a variety of times and dates.

* Learning to take place in a safe and comfortable surrounding.

* A high standard of teaching, which recognises the individual

* Learn in an environment free from bias and discrimination.

* Enjoy your learning experience.

Courses are delivered to suit you.

The courses cover a large variety of topics, and we are open to suggestions for other courses.

Fees are subject to review and may be amended subject to at least 28 days notice.

Prices range from £50 to £250 depending on what the course is, (so please ask for costings if not already stated), as occasionally we have to arrange external trainers to come in and deliver some of the courses, which is reflected in the price.