What is Counselling?

Counselling can help by assisting clients to gain understanding and acceptance.
When people have problems they usually turn to family and friends for advice and guidance.
Sometimes however, people may be left more confused than before, as each person's experience will be unique to them.
Most individuals will find it difficult to understand that the position of the person seeking help will be quite different to their own.
People quite often turn away from talking to those closest to them for fear of ridicule and humiliation.
It may be easier for them to speak to someone who is independant.

Potential benefits of counselling far surpass helping people with problems.
Counsellors are able to connect with people, understand them and have empathy towards their feelings whilst providing them with
unconditional positive regard (respect) and remaining non judgemental.

Counselling is designed to aid in the understanding of one's self and to find meaningful reactions to life's situations.
Research proven skills are used to encourage self sufficiency and help the client move forward in life.
Clients learn the extraordinary value of one to one communication and developing healthy relationships, leading to the healing
of the body, mind and spirit.